OLAMAU - Live Strong.

Ola - Health, Well being, Living, Alive, Greater life, Thrive
Mau -   Constant, Continual, ceaseless, Steadfast, perpetual, Always

Have you ever let yourself dream without restrictions, hesitations or boundaries? 
We invite you to open up to the possibilities of your life. Olamau is a movement designed for kids to improve and advance their skills in any passion they choose to explore.

We are a multi-sport camp that focuses on the importance of Athletic performance, introducing the fundamentals of body movement and awareness. Basic anatomy and how it relates to each sport, jumping, running, dynamic drills that hone in on the athletes innate ability.

Athletic Performance training is specifically designed and geared towards combining athletics with energy awareness, breath work yoga and meditation..as well as preparing athletes to compete at their highest possible potential in their particular sport.

We design programs that are intent on improving:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength Foundation
  • Power development
  • Functional mobility
  • Work capacity
  • Quickness
  • Linear acceleration 
  • Lateral change of direction
  • Footwork 
  • Over all mental toughness

All athletes will have an at home practice to adhere to such as fitness programs, meditation and Yoga.  Whichever education the athlete is enrolled in ( Home school, Public etc..) they will be accountable for maintaining a b average or its equivalent to.

Each month we create a new challenge for you to attempt. These challenges will help you track your progress and watch your advancement throughout the month. Olamau will provide the tools you will need to become the best you..We fend off negative thoughts and behaviors and replace them with a new set of applications.  

Increase competitive levels: By understanding sport related movements, fitness specific principles and fundamentals, the result will be improved communication skills on all levels. 

Advanced Athletes program: This sequence is geared to the kid who has a particular interest or love for a certain sport. (Surfing, Diving, Basketball etc) and is interested in taking that sport to its highest level (Competition).  We will delve deeper into the knowledge of each sport as well as history, rules, movements and skills to understand what it takes to compete at these levels.

Activities encompass an array of individual and group activities, drills as well as competitive games.