Our Athletes

Check out our awesome athletes:

Brodi Sale: Surfing 
CJ Bruno: Surfing
Kaiola-Walker-Bray: Surfing
Noah Condon: Soccer
Kaiah Uchida: Basketball
Trevor Terazano: Diving
Hiro Laliberte: Surfing
Santiago Kirchner: Bodyboarding
Laird Penny: Bodyboarding/Fishing
Akeakamai Chaul: Wresting/ Created Olamau Logo
Layla Gagnon Story ~
Layla Gagnon, 12 years old, has been involved with Polo for 3 years and has completely fallen in love with the sport. Layla was offered a job working as Bar None Ranch's polo groom in 2016 by her 4th grade teacher, Ashley Brooks a third generation Big Island Polo Player. Her grandfather named Bar None Ranch (meaning it is welcome to all and No one would be barred away from an opportunity to play Polo) and made it was it is today. Ashley and her team of adult main match players have all taken a huge role in Layla's development as a horsewoman. In 2016 she worked as a polo groom on Sundays for the season in exchange for riding lessons. In 2017,  Ashley and her team, invited Layla to play in a walk trot division for the polo season. And this year- for the 2018 season she moved up a level to the club match, playing in the first and third chukker at a faster pace with more strategy and advanced team mates. She was invited in the main match this year for the Wahine Tournament and her team won the tournament. She has loved every minute of being at the ranch wether it is building fence, doing stable chores, or riding and we are forever grateful to Olamau for this opportunity to travel to Maui and be apart of the development of an Interscholastic Intercollegiate United States Polo club starting for our youth this year. Layla's dream and vision had an integral part in developing Mauna Kea Polo into a legit youth program that will allow all the kids of the big island to compete at the national level.
"Thank you for sponsoring her and bringing Gita a beautiful experienced polo pony into her life as Layla's partner."
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